ETP (Electrolytic Tin Plate) is cold rolled steel sheet coated with tin for good corrosion resistance. This is used primarily for 3 pieces welded cans.

TFS (Tin Free Steel) is cold rolled steel which has been Electro-plated with a chrome / chromium oxide finish. It is sometimes more accurately referred to as ECCS plate (Electro Coated Chromium Steel).

A three piece can consists of a body component with one end factory installed and another end component. The most vulnerable parts of the container, when used for preserving foods, are the joints between the can components. There is a greater risk of imperfect sealing with the three piece can as it has more seams, and particularly at the point where the side seam joins the end seam.

On the two piece can, the body component is drawn to shape the end and side walls of the container resulting in reduced thickness. Any imperfection in the body plate will become exaggerated. This type of can is thus only suitable for containers with a low height to diameter ratio. Taller cans will normally be of three piece construction.

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