We have continued the old concepts of CSR in giving to communities where we do business. These concepts have now been expanded to include human rights and more defined environmental concerns. We are proud to have grown with it in its modern concepts while maintaining commitments to worthy charities and community affairs.

CSR has evolved over time to becoming Corporate Sustainability. This dictates how a business operates socially, culturally, and environmentally.

Sustainability requires a company to look internally and externally to understand their environment and social impacts. Kingfisher educates its employees to do the right things, follow business ethics, seek waste reduction and energy efficiency, and form "green" teams. We also engage stakeholders including customers, suppliers, communities and NGOs to do same.

Examples of company and employee activities are listed. They are self -explanatory in the headings. One area of importance is merit making which is a deeply ingrained Thai religious tradition that holds the country, the people, and the community together in harmony. We believe that harmony and peace are the beginnings of good deeds in people.

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