In 2010, way before Illegal Unreported and Unregulated, (IUU), fishing and human rights abuses in the Thai seafood industry were widely reported, Kingfisher published its Code of Conduct to set out how we seek to ensure corporate governance and socially responsible behaviour, both in our business practices and in what we require of our suppliers. The Code has been revised and updated from time to time. It addressed human rights, accepted diversity in the workplace, and provided for the protection of the environment, way before these issues appeared on the radar.

Our Code is intended to promote Corporate Sustainability in creating long term commitments by our companies, employees, and suppliers. We pledge to operate our business with full regard to legal, social, cultural, and environmental requirements and concerns.

Our Code also seeks to enhance sustainability through transparency and employee development. A sustained and successful business does not refer only to gaining competitive advantage, but also taking into account morality in conducting the business. The value of every executive and staff towards society and environment will go a long way in sustaining our business.

The Code includes our policy on Business Determination and Vision, including but not limited to, Anti-Corruption, Fair Treatment of Stakeholders, Human Rights, Acceptance of Diversity in the Workforce, Safety and Product Quality, Protecting and Preserving the Environment, and Business Ethics.

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