KF Foods, Ltd.

We principally pack in IQF (Individual Quick Frozen), Semi-IQF, and Block frozen forms. Depending on customer requirements and minimum quantities, customized parcel sizes can be developed.

Principally we will ship in full container loads (8-10 MT) as this is the most cost efficient method of shipping. Smaller quantities can be ordered. Please contact us for details.

Yes, you can, but this is not recommended as the flavor and texture of products will be affected. We recommend that you thaw only the quantity required for processing. Generally, it is best to use the seafood within one hour of thawing.

24 months from the production date is our recommendation.

Our main brands are "The Catch of Kingfisher", "Oceanic", "Siam Bay", and "Seabreeze". However, we also pack under the customer's brands.

Please visit our sustainability website.

Yes. Our factories are under 2 registration numbers.

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