Traceability is a MUST. We pay attention to where, how and from whom we source our materials. For imports, we use international standards and regulations.



For local sourcing, we use our own Supplier Code of Practice (The Supplier Code).

The Supplier Code stipulates human rights, safety and health, and law abiding practices from our suppliers who have signed letters of intent to show they will comply.

We perform suppliers audits, determine the gaps and work with suppliers to eliminate the gaps before they can become fully qualified suppliers on our vendor list. We work with international NGOs and local government agencies to monitor suppliers business practices and train them how to sustain their business.


More information in Updates.



We aim at eliminating IUU, protecting the ecological systems and marine sanctuaries, and preserving marine species. Fishing has been related to forced and bonded labor on vessels which were the subject of a 2015 AP report on Thai fishing vessels operating in Indonesian waters. We cannot have non-IUU without addressing the crew on board of vessels.

As the Food Kitchen of the world, the Thai Seafood industry buys huge quantities of marine materials to process for export. The pressure to eliminate IUU fishing came from the market place, through major retailers and brand owners, and Thailand and its Government is supporting it fully.

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