Traceability is the key and through its processes , issues were identified. The majority of marine import is tuna from internationally renown traders who buy catches from the Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMO). They control the number of fishing licenses and fishing days by levying fees. Allegedly, some unscrupulous operators conducted illegal catching and/or transship on the high seas. Through NGO involvement, the names of some perpetrators have been posted on web sites. Producers could not buy these catches because the perpetrators could not obtain proper documents.



Transshipment on the high seas in general is strictly prohibited because that would interfere with traceability and the status of the crew on board. Unscrupulous operators may seek this opportunity to hide the status of their catch and crew. Once these fishing vessels/carriers enter ports, they are supposed to surrender documents such as Captain's certificates, fishing licenses and crew member list, without which they cannot sell the catch.

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