We have our own Supplier Code of Practice (The Supplier Code) for all our suppliers and ask them to sign a Letter of Intent to comply with it. We conduct audits to determine gaps and re-audits to close such gaps. Training is provided if suppliers need help in meeting our requirements. We have complied a training list, using materials from the Government, NGOs and other sources. Our ultimate goal is to have third party audits after we eliminate all the gaps.

In 2016, we audited chicken farms we sourced from for alleged worker rights violations. We even offered employment, through an NGO who was involved in the investigation, to several displaced migrant workers.

In July 2017, the Thai Government, aiming to register and legalize all migrant workers, gave an ultimatum for all illegal migrant workers to leave the country, register and come back as legal workers. Thousands left their employment and went back to their countries. Kingfisher, together with other major law abiding Thai companies, were not affected because we do not have illegal workers.

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